Thursday 16 June 2016

McFT - EngTech Qualified!

At McFT we value our commitment to training and development. We are the first catering and refrigeration service business to seek and achieve the EngTech qualification for our technicians. 

9 of our senior engineers have recently completed their registration; demonstrating their knowledge, skill, experience and problem-solving capability. 

We're only as good as our engineers. When they turn up on your site, the ability to diagnose and fix a problem is crucial as the communication around it. 

We believe that the training programme for engineers at McFT is second to none - as trainees, they are taken through an extensive introduction programme with an experienced mentor to guide them. As well as the mandatory elements such as health and safety, they undergo manufacturer training, soft skills (dealing with people under pressure is a major element of their job), and industry qualifications. 

The qualification has been greatly recieved by our Engineers, so much so that a further 6 will follow in the autumn; from the UK and Middle East. 

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