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Friday 20 January 2017

Parkside Visit McFT

Some of the young adults from Parkside made the journey from Aldershot to our head office in Maidenhead, to experience a day in the heart of our organisation. They had the opportunity to work alongside all of the departments and gain in-depth experience of working in a busy office. 


Wednesday 21 December 2016

Assessment Day at McFT

We’ve found over the years that we can develop really good technicians – from absolute beginners. 


Tuesday 20 December 2016

Spelthorne Sports Football Club

One of our Senior Engineers, Chris Pyle, spends his spare time coaching Spelthorne Sports Football Club.


Wednesday 14 December 2016

Heart of England Forest

McFarlane Telfer has been a dedicated friend of the Heart of England Forest since 2011.


Thursday 8 December 2016

Movember 2016

Have you seen one of our engineers with a moustache?


Friday 2 December 2016


Members of our UK team received a fabulous welcome from colleagues in Dubai!


Wednesday 16 November 2016

Well done to everyone participating in the Wight Link Challenge

As active participants in the Wight Link Challenge McFT was thrilled to receive news that the cumulative target of £250,000 was achieved by the charity in its final year. 


Monday 26 September 2016

WightLink Challenge

McFT were proud to field 2 teams for the final Wightlink Wight Challenge last weekend.


Wednesday 24 August 2016

NCS Inspiring Futures

Over the last 4 weeks we have hosted 4 groups of NCS students at our head office. NCS The Challenge is an opportunity for 15-17 year olds to help build skills for work and life whilst taking on new challenges over their summer holidays. 


Friday 19 August 2016

Freezer Share to Food Share

Second hand freezer rehomed in Maidenhead...



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