Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

There’s what people call a service or ppm visit and there’s a proper PPM visit. To be effective, a PPM visit need to

            1/ Assess ongoing safety of equipment (vulnerability to gas or electrical issues)

            2/ Carry out actions which will ensure the correct and efficient operation of the equipment

            3/ Document condition and report any recommendations on remedial action

None of these can be properly achieved by a visual inspection – the only way to carry out a useful PPM visit is to take appropriate panels off and access the inner workings of equipment – cleaning condensers and evaporator coils, blowing through and adjusting burners, greasing gas taps and checking that electrical components still have se cure connections and there are no signs of over-hearing or burning. And then writing up and submitting the records – with recommendations and quotes where appropriate.

We continually receive praise for the thoroughness of our work – and the consequent correct operation of equipment.


            1/ Get there quick

            2/ Fix if first time if you can

            3/ Get back with the right parts as quickly as possible if you can’t

            4/ Ensure that your fix is final – and doesn’t need recalls!

            5/ Communicate every step of the way

Sounds simple – actually difficult to achieve –and an area in which we excel – with particular focus on getting back quickly, nailing it down and communicating every step of the way.