Many customers will feel confident in buying equipment – especially when specified as fit for purpose by a consultant. The best and most appropriate equipment will not work as intended – and may be frankly dangerous – unless it is installed correctly – meaning everything from the correct initial supplies and isolation, correct connections, correct and professional installation (stable, level, suited to adjacent appliances) and commissioning – setting up to manufacturers settings in the particular local conditions.

McFarlane Telfer have years of experience of installations on prestige projects in high-profile sites. We would be very happy to join a project team to deliver a complete project, a particular package or a critical appliance.


We work with a number of major manufacturers to provide commissioning services prior to acceptance of warranty (if the equipment, installed by others, is not commissioned on behalf and in line with manufacturers’ instructions, it will not be covered by any warranty).  If you are an OEM and would like support in this key global market, please make contact – we would be pleased to meet and discuss either in the Gulf, in the UK or at your production premises in order to properly understand your requirements and gauge our ability to support your needs.