Since the earliest days of the business, McFarlane Telfer has understood the requirements of major hotels (Chris Craggs, the founder of the business, spent some years in F & B in 5* hotels in London) and the environment, culture and typical equipment are very familiar.


Whilst the typical corporate profile will be significantly different in the UAE from the typical European office, McFarlane Telfer are specialists in providing the highest quality service for corporate environments ; if you’re a multi-national brand wanting to follow best practice, we will advise on the standards to follow – and ensure that your assets are maintained to minimise breakdowns and disruption to service as well as to extend useful life.




Whether traditional fine dining, fast casual or quick service, we apply the same standards of European best practice, a comprehensive supply chain and links with all the major manufacturers - to ensure operations are kept running safely, efficiently and profitably.

Food Production 

Whether large cold storage rooms or giant heated mixing-kettles, we can keep the production lines and the HACCP cold chain operating




 The standards of care required by potentially vulnerable patients dictate the standards of service which the healthcare providers expect of their suppliers ; whether from a security perspective, compliance with technical or health-&-safety standards – or the documentation to demonstrate compliance, McFarlane Telfer have years of experience in looking after major hospital groups.




Continuing our UK expertise in airports, whether landside/airside, concession, lounge or flight-catering, we'd be very happy to help keep your planes in the air.  


Whether young adults at universities and colleges – with their high-street retail grazing offers – or the full service food offer provided to children, the safe and reliable provision of food and drink are critical ; McFarlane Telfer have provided preventative and reactive service to some of the most prestigious private schools in the UK – as well as Oxford and Cambridge colleges.