As an independent service provider, McFarlane Telfer prides itself not only on the impartial advice it can offer customers but on the strong relationships it works hard to build with the worlds major catering and refrigeration equipment suppliers.


Manufacturer Support

We work with manufacturers at different levels – for some offering installation and commissioning, for some warranty work and for others being trusted and endorsed service partners post-warranty.  Our proposition is not based on being cheap – but it’s absolutely based on value for money – the lowest cost to resolve the problem - and the minimum disruption to the customer. Maximising customer experience and minimising brand damage.

Approved Partnering

The most important salesmen are universally recognised to be the technicians : their confidence in endorsing brands is directly proportional to their own competence with that equipment – along with access to technical support and ready availability of spares.

Where we have great relationships with manufacturers, there’s a win-win-win which includes our customers – that’s what we aspire to.

For further information on how we might assist you in the UAE, see our Manufacturer Support Document