When one of your own is affected, it strikes home.

The first symptom was blood in the urine – and by the time that’s been checked out, it’s gone a long way too far. When – perhaps – a simple blood test three years earlier might have shown it up.

So that’s what this is about – getting the message out there that blokes over 50 need to have themselves checked out – for all sorts of things – but particularly prostate cancer. 

Now we know that there are gain-sayers – the PSA test can throw up false negatives as well as false positives – and it has a cost which GP’s don’t like paying for. But if you ask someone for whom it might have made a life-saving difference – they’ll take the odds, every single time.

We’ve originated the idea – and hooked up with the fantastic people at the Prostate Project – all volunteers – simply to raise awareness. Anything you can do to spread the word would be massively appreciated and look at the pioneering, world-class work the Prostate Project is supporting and if you’re a bloke over 50 – don’t wait – get yourself checked out – and don’t take no for an answer!

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Got to Run!

To kick start our Mot@50 campaign, Chris our MD has taken part in 8 x 10k Movember runs – symbolically covering the area which McFarlane Telfer now operates.

Chris' series of races kicked off with the home event in Berkshire, held at rather muddy and wet Frimley Forest, Bracknell on the 1st November and he reached the finishing line of his final run - in an much brighter Greenwich park, London - 28 days later.

Along the way he took part in runs both at home and abroad 

  • 8th November: Glasgow – perfectly timed to follow our first major PPM visit at customers in Glasgow
  • 9th November: Manchester – the prelude to service visits to several sites locally
  • 16th November: Muscat, Oman - from the centre of town to the British Embassy – followed by a visit to the Palace – with Middle East General Manager, George Roberts-Smith
  • 18th November: Dubai – a run in November 23 degree heat from Dubai Marina to the landmark Burj al Arab
  • 22nd November: Leeds – back down to earth – extremely foggy – and in advance of our visit to BBC Leeds (thanks ChrisPy, for spotting the lookalike cyclist !)
  • Greenwich Park – perfect weather, looking out over Canary Wharf and some key customer sites