Ethical Business Practice

The company prides itself on its ethical business practice – in  line with ISO26000 – from following best practice in its technical operations to ensuring the welfare of its staff, excellent customer relations and service – to the highest standards of Health and Safety and Environmental Responsibility to long-established involvement in their stakeholder communities.

Supporting the Community

In the UK, we have supported local schools and charities with supply, installation and maintenance of equipment, raised monies for charity – and started our own campaign around Prostate Cancer Awareness – MOTat50.

Exceptionally in our industry, we calculate our carbon emissions in accordance with the Carbon Trust guidelines– all our emissions, including the cost of commuting – and plant trees to capture the equivalent of those emissions.

Corporate Responsibility

Our UK approach has been recognised with awards for both Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Best Practice. 
In Dubai, we will continue this adherence to best practice in our technical operations and we will active and responsible in ourcommunities and with all our stakeholders.