Tuesday 12 July 2016

UK Trip for Training!

McFT UAE Technical Supervisor – Mr Armin Leyva – has recently returned back from his second trip to the UK. 

The flight to the Heathrow was a relaxing experience. With a middle row seat and a half empty flight there was nothing left to do either than lay down, Sleep and enjoy the ride. This was an improvement over Armin’s previous flight to the UK, where a fire was discovered on the upper deck! 

On arrival he was greeted by McFT CEO Mr Chris Craggs and from there spent the next few days with the UK Team with an update on gas regulations, training plans and training on the tablet software which is soon to be implemented across the GCC operation. Armin was also able to take part in the quarterly Comms meeting with the entire UK Team present. 

Next up was a short flight over to Dublin, Ireland for some specific manufacturer training from Stoelting on their famous frozen custard machines which are used by one of our clients both in the UAE and UK – a successful training visit with bags of free ice cream thrown in to boot! 

And we hear there was just time for a quick pint of Dublin’s finest before heading back to Dubai via the UK!

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